See you Thursday morning!

Time: 8:30 am-noon, Thursday January 26

Location: 3200 N. Cramer St., Engineering and Math Sciences Building, Room E-250 (up the elevator: head in the 10:00 direction (forward and to the left) into the northeast corner of the building.  Reserve time to find a parking spot.

Bring: writing utensil that scans well, e.g. black pen; and correction fluid/ribbon; quiet snack optional

Guest speaker: Anne Pycha, linguist and coder at UWM


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NACLO coming up Thursday 1/26 (next week)

The NACLO competition is coming up next Thursday, in the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Building, East wing, Room 250 (EMS E-250). Come between 8:30 and 8:45 am to check in; you’ll be done by noon. Bring a black pen or other writing implement that will scan well, and correction fluid. You can bring a snack as well.
Make sure you are registered at at least 24 hours ahead of time!

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NACLO 2017 takes place Thursday January 26, 2017

Milwaukee-area high school students and teachers:

Join us for the eleventh annual North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad on Thursday January 26, 2017.
NACLO consists of interesting puzzles, which grow your mind by developing key thinking skills that students rarely learn about in high school but which are central in today’s world and which are highly transferable to a wide range of technical and non-technical majors in college.

Students get to spend a morning stretching both the analytical and the creative sides of their mind. Students who do especially well earn the chance to compete in a finals round that selects students for international competition.

More information can be found at, and you can register now at .

Open the doors to inspiring new academic and career opportunities by giving NACLO a try!

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Tenth Annual NACLO!

This Thursday January 28, 2016, is the occasion of the tenth annual North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad.
Bring your black pens and white-out, and get ready for your brain to be tickled!

Our welcome speech this year will be given by Prof. Susan McRoy, Professor of Computer Science, sharing some of her current research applying computational linguistics to real world problems. We’re glad Prof. McRoy can join us this year, not only because her projects are interesting, but also because she’ll be away on sabbatical next year — so it’s time to seize the opportunity to pick her brain while she’s still here.

Results will be posted in stages through the months of March and April. If you qualfy for the invitational round, you will be notified by e-mail about in early March, before the invitational round takes place on March 10.

In any case, enjoy the puzzles!

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NACLO 2016: Thursday January 28

Registration is open for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad for 2016.  As usual, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee will host a site, at EMS E-250, 3200 N. Cramer St., Milwaukee.

Register at and tell your math, English, and foreign language teachers to spread the word!

We’ve had several students from Milwaukee advance to the invitational round, including a top 20 finisher.  Does anyone want to get together at UWM to train together and try to get onto the national team that will compete in the International Linguistics Olympiad?  If so, reply to naclomilwaukee2013 (sorry, using a previous year’s address) @

Possible times for training sessions include Monday or Wednesday evenings, or Saturday or Sunday afternoons.


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countdown to NACLO!

NACLO will be taking place in just a few days now!

If you want to prepare with your friends, see the practice problems at

If you would like a linguist to help you prepare for next year, let us know (see the e-mail address in the previous post).

The location and time are confirmed:
Place: UW-Milwaukee, EMS building, Room E-250 (E for East), same place as always.
Time: The test begins at 9:00 and ends at noon. Please arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 to sign in and get instructions (some changes this year).

If you bring a snack make sure it is very unobtrusive — e.g. banana or grapes, soft un-crumby bread, or an unspillable drink. It would be great if you can bring correction fluid or correction tape (ideally marked with your name). Most importantly, though, please bring a few good black pens.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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NACLO 2015 January 29 (Thursday morning) 9-noon

The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad will take place Thursday morning January 29, 2015. The location is still being finalized but will likely be at UWM (EMS E-250 at 3200 N. Cramer St.).
Please consider participating — no experience or background is necessary, and we had a top 20 finisher last year. We are trying to arrange for representatives from local industries to speak about career opportunities in computational linguistics after the contest, over lunch.
For more information, contact naclomilwaukee2013 (sorry, using a previous year’s address) @
Register for the contest at .

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